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A Taxonomy of Multimodal Interaction in the
Human Information Processing System

A Report of the ESPRIT PROJECT 8579
-- WP 1 --

February, 1995

Written by
L. Schomaker, J. Nijtmans (NICI)
A. Camurri, F. Lavagetto, P. Morasso (DIST)
C. Benoît, T. Guiard-Marigny, B. Le Goff,
J. Robert-Ribes, A. Adjoudani (ICP)
I. Defée (RIIT)
S. Münch (UKA)
K. Hartung, J. Blauert (RUB)


This document has been prepared in the ESPRIT BRA No. 8579, Multimodal Integration for Advanced Multimedia Interfaces --- in the following referred to as --- in order to serve as a basis for future work. The basic terms which will be used in will be defined and an overview on man-machine-interfaces will be given. The term ``taxonomy'' is used in the following sense, adapted from [217]: ``1: the study of the general principles of scientific classification: SYSTEMATICS; 2: CLASSIFICATION; specif: orderly classification of plants and animals according to their presumed natural relationships''; but instead of plants and animals, we attempt to classify input and output modalities.

Esprit Project 8579/MIAMI (Schomaker et al., '95)
Thu May 18 16:00:17 MET DST 1995