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Structure of the Document

First we will focus our attention on the human perceptual process, its input channels (HIC) and the characteristics of computer output media (COM) (Chapter 2 ).

Then, we will approach the process of human control and manipulation, dwelling on the characteristics of the human output channels (HOC) and the computer input modalities (CIM) (Chapter 3 ).

In the next chapter ( 4 ) the issue of the interaction process will be dealt with, addressing aspects of input/output coupling and temporal and spatial synchronization.

Gradually moving from basic processes to more abstract levels, we will describe aspects of cognition and learning, its representational architecture in machine and man, as far as possible, and on the issue of interacting agents (Chapter 5 ).

Finally, in the last chapter, a number of scenarios, or rather ``dreams'' will be depicted, elucidating fundamental aspects put forward in this taxonomy.


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