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Handwriting and Pen Gestures Computer Output Media (COM)

The abundance of handwriting synthesis models in literature allows for the production of handwriting computer output, which is ``faithful'' both as regards the static image quality, and the temporal movement characteristics. Not all models are equally suitable in practical applications, and not all are good as a model for the ``real'' neural handwriting system. For completeness, however, it is good to realize that much as in speech, both recognition and synthesis can be realized in the current state of the art. Apart from modeling the pen-tip trajectory only, recent models have begun to address the whole movement of forearm, hand and finger joints, as well as the pen tip. However, in the context of , it may suffice to use standard inverse kinematics approaches to produce handwriting with a mechanical or graphical arm where applicable. Storage and graphical rendering of already produced human handwriting is a technical, rather than a scientific problem.

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