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Recording and replay of speech and handwriting

In this section we will consider the case of stored HOC data. Permutations with the synthesized media of handwriting and speech as above are possible, but will not be considered here. The essential difference with the preceding section is that the media will be stored for later human use, and retrieval or browsing is only possible in a superficial way (i.e., not on the basis of content). Table 3.5 shows an overview of paradigmatic application examples. They will not be described in more detail here, but will be addressed in at a later stage. Suffice to state that from the point of view of goal-oriented user behavior, these applications are often perfectly acceptable, and no recognition or synthesis is needed at all.

Table 3.5 : Bimodality in handwriting and speech: paradigmatic applications, using plain recording/replaying of HOC data.

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