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I now work at Prime Vision in Delft.
The main purpose of this webpage is such that you can download the papers I have published as a PhD student and then a postdoc at the University of Groningen. You can find this material also on a mirror website at Google Sites.

Short biography (IEEE style, up to mid 2009)

Research interests

Computer vision, statistical pattern recognition, biometrics, document analysis and recognition, intelligent robots.

Here you can see my Google Scholar profile.


              Developed methods: Hinge, Fraglets.

Writer Identification (automatic person identification using scanned images of handwriting):

  • Marius Bulacu, Lambert Schomaker (2003) "Writer style from oriented edge fragments", Proc. of 10th Int. Conf. on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (CAIP 2003): LNCS 2756, Springer, pp. 460-469, 25 - 27 August, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Handwritten Historical Document Analysis and Recognition (layout analysis, digit recognition, word spotting for indexing and retrieval):

Camera-Based Text Detection and Recognition (finding and reading the text present in images of natural scenes):

Reading Robots (mobile robots that detect and read the text encountered in their environment):


Artificial Intelligence (KI2)

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