Teaching offered from MINDS

Our big aim is to make students become friends with mathematical abstraction in theoretical computer science and machine learning. We strive to behave as your friends, not as your masters.

The course evaluations which we receive at the end of the semester are always very good. This fills us with gratitude and pride. Herbert Jaeger was voted Teacher of the Year 2016 / 2017 by the students from the Departments of EE & CS and of Mathematics and Logistics at Jacobs University Bremen, and Teacher of the Year 2019 / 2020 by the students of the AI department at RUG.

Teaching in Groningen

After the MINDS group moved from Bremen to Groningen in Fall 2020, our teaching has re-focussed on machine learning and neural networks. Besides supervising about 20 Bachelor and Master projects, we run two regular courses, each one comprising lectures, tutorials, and hands-on project work:

  • Machine Learning (WMAI010-05), offered in block 1b, a 2nd year Master course giving an introduction to the core methods and challenges of machine learning
  • Neural Networks for AI (WBAI028-05), offered in block 2b, a 2nd year Bachelor course giving an introduction to neural networks, displaying the breadth and depth of this field besides the current must-knows of deep learning
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