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ArguMed 3 based on DefLog (2001)
ArguMed 2.0 (1999)
ArguMed 1.0 (1998)
Argue! (1998)
From ArguMed's argumentation theory to the dialectical logic DefLog

In the paper 'Dialectical Argumentation as a Heuristic for Courtroom Decision Making', the expressiveness of the argumentation theory underlying ArguMed 2.0 (and the corresponding graphical representation of dialectical arguments) has been extended. Any statement can be attacked by any other statement, and the warrants of supporting and of attacking argument steps are treated as ordinary sentences.

The thus extended argumentation theory has been implemented in the system ArguMed 3 based on DefLog. In the paper 'DefLog: on the logical interpretation of prima facie justified assumptions' the logical system DefLog is described. The paper provides a thorough formal investigation of the argumentation theory underlying ArguMed. DefLog is presented as a dialectical logic as contrasted with a deductive logic such as propositional logic. The adjective 'dialectical' is meant to suggest that DefLog is a logic in which justification and defeat occur as a result of juxtaposed opposing or contradictory claims. Further details on DefLog can be found in the manuscript 'DefLog - a logic of dialectical justification and defeat'.

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