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Bart Verheij

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Background: DefLog
Introduction to ArguMed 2.0

ArguMed 3 based on DefLog (2001)
ArguMed 2.0 (1999)
ArguMed 1.0 (1998)
Argue! (1998)
ArguMed 3 based on DefLog
(Latest version 3.1: compiled March 12, 2002)
ArguMed based on DefLog has been programmed in Delphi 5.0 (on a Windows 98 platform). You can download the system as a zipped file (258 kB). The 3.0 version (compiled December 21, 2001) is also still available. See the paper 'Artificial argument assistants for defeasible argumentation' for a description of the system. A formal description of the argumentation theory - an extension of that of ArguMed 2.0 - is given in the paper 'DefLog: on the logical interpretation of prima facie justified assumptions'.
Features: statements as issues or assumptions, support and attack, warrants and undercutters (both for support and attack) as conditionals, graphically represented dialectical arguments, mouse-sensitive argument screen, logic-based evaluation in the background, lack/unicity/multiplicity of interpretations, context-sensitive speedbuttons and menu, file saving, file loading

Please report your findings (positive and negative) by sending a message to b.verheij at ai dot rug dot nl.
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