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Bart Verheij

Sample screens
Background: DefLog
Introduction to ArguMed 2.0

ArguMed 3 based on DefLog (2001)
ArguMed 2.0 (1999)
ArguMed 1.0 (1998)
Argue! (1998)
ArguMed 2.0
(Latest version: 2.03, compiled September 1, 1999)
ArguMed 2.0 has been programmed in Delphi 2.0 for Windows 95. You can download the system as a zipped file (164 kB). The system has been presented at ICAIL '99 ('Automated Argument Assistance for Lawyers'). There is a clickable sample session available (p's and q's only) and there are several sample screens and arguments (with a legal example). Some of the screen dumps have been taken from a version compiled a little earlier than the download version, so there may be slight differences.
Features: statements, reasons, conclusions, exceptions (as undercutters), step warrants and undercutter warrants, warranted dialectical arguments (as reason/conclusion/exception-structures with warrants), a template-based interface (using forms), several views, evaluation 'in the background', file saving, file loading, file appending, deleting argument moves

Please report your findings (positive and negative) by sending a message to b.verheij at ai dot rug dot nl.
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