First Workshop on Logics and Strategies
Friday, June 26, 2009, University of Groningen

Modelling intelligent and rational interaction in multi-agent systems has been one of the main issues in Artificial Intelligence that gained momentum in the last decade of the past century. This is now merging into broader studies of formal models of society, where computer science meets decision theory, game theory and social choice theory, for instance in the study of rational deliberation and decision making.

The study of strategic reasoning forms a crucial ingredient of the research area of intelligent interactive systems. Agents devise their respective strategies on how to interact so as to force maximal gain in the interaction process. This depends in turn on their 'mental states': their knowledge, beliefs, preferences, goals and intentions. Natural questions like 'By following which strategy can the players achieve their goal?', and 'On what basis will they strategize in such a way?' arise.

In addition, modelling social procedures and interaction has brought to the fore various logical systems like epistemic logics, doxastic logics, game logics, coalition logic, alternating-time temporal logic, dynamic logic of preferences, logics for information updates and others. This first workshop on logics and strategies of the project STRATMAS focuses on ideas and concepts for bringing in the notion of strategies explicitly in the logical frameworks dealing with intelligent and rational interaction in multi-agent systems, which is one of the main goals of the project. It consists of talks by some experts in this area as well as some young researchers. The workshop can also be regarded as the first event in the revival of "Dag der GrAmschap" which used to be a regular event, not so many years ago, to mark a day of talks and discussions between the Amsterdam and the Groningen logic community on some topics of mutual interest.


Chair for the day: Rineke Verbrugge (Groningen)

10:45 Registration and Coffee
11:00 Wiebe van der Hoek (Liverpool)
Logics with Explicit or Specific Strategies
12:00 Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam and Stanford)
In praise of strategies, but how?
12:30 Jonathan Zvesper (Amsterdam)
Transfinite belief in rationality
13:00 Lunch
14:15 Olivier Roy (Groningen)
Intention and coordination in Hi-Lo Games
14:45 Cédric Dégremont (Amsterdam)
Temporal doxastic logics: facts and applications to strategic reasoning
15:15 Coffee
15:30 Yde Venema (Amsterdam)
Strategies as models in infinite satisfiability games
16:30 Coffee
16:45 Pietro Galliani (Amsterdam)
Equilibria in Semantic Games
17:15 Sujata Ghosh (Groningen)
Strategies in multi-agent systems
17:45 Closing remarks


The workshop is free for participants, but please pre-register before June 20, 2009, by sending mail to so that we can organize an appropriate lecture room and catering.


Room: 5161.0267, Bernoulliborg, Nijenborgh 9, Groningen

Route Description

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Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Engineering (ALICE), University of Groningen

Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), University of Amsterdam

Co-ordinated by Sujata Ghosh and Rineke Verbrugge (Groningen).