On Monday morning at around 9, you will be welcomed to the Spring School at the Bernoulliborg. The morning session will be spent with a general introduction to the Spring School, and to cognitive modeling in general. All three models will be presented and introduced, giving you a nice overview of each of them, as well as a convenient comparison between them.
In the afternoon, the first tutorial sessions will take place, allowing you to get hands on with your model of choice. The day will be rounded off with a poster session, where participants are asked to present their research. Not only does this allow you to get to know the other participants, but also to evaluate where cognitive modeling might come in handy in aiding your research. Drinks and snacks are provided.


On Tuesday we will start diving into the nitty gritty of the models! Again, there will be lectures on the three modeling paradigms, but you are asked to at most attend two of them and only focus on one of them for the tutorials. Besides your lecture(s) of choice you have plenty of time to work on your tutorial of choice. Finally, there will be a guest lecture at the end of the day.


Wednesday will start off in the same way as Tuesday: There are lectures for each of the modeling paradigms, with the remaining time being scheduled for the tutorials. However, the afternoon will be mixed up a bit. We will be heading towards the newly built and astounding House of Connections in the inner city of Groningen. Here, researchers from the university will present their work surrounding cognitive modeling, how they are applying it and what challenges they have been facing.


Heading towards the end of the spring school, Thursday is another day where you can focus on the modeling, with one lecture per topic presented and lots of time to finish up your practical work for the spring school. At the end of the day those interested in exploring the city a bit further are invited to an interactive city tour (details to be decided). In the evening, we will meet for the infamous spring school dinner in the inner city!


Our very final day covers a last round of lectures on all the cognitive models. To wrap things up, a final guest lecture in the afternoon with a round of drinks will be held, before everyone makes their way home, hopefully packing lots of inspiration and ideas from the spring school.

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