Lambert Schomaker

prof. dr. Lambert Schomaker
Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Engineering (ALICE)
Kunstmatige Intelligentie
[Research | Education]
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Bernoulliborg building (V)
Nijenborgh 9
9747 AG Groningen, The Netherlands
Tel: +31-50-363-7908
Fax: +31-50-363-6687
E-mail: schomaker(at)
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Researchers at ALICE

APS group meetings

Here is a link to the group meetings of the Autonomous Perceptive Systems group.

Interests & projects


Researchers, postdocs and scientific programmers

  • Sukalpa Chanda (postdoc Himanis project) writer identification and curvilinear line segmentation, deep learning for word recognition
  • Tapan Bhowmik (postdoc Target project, HMMs & historical manuscript recognition)
  • Arnold Meijster (high-performance computing, image processing)
  • Aswin van Woudenberg (writer identification/implementation of GIWIS)
  • Edzer Lawerman (database and I/O optimization, seconded, NSpyre)

PhD students

  • Sha Luo Reinforcement-based learning of object handling in robots
  • Mahya Ameryan Deep learning for text recognition and pictorial semantics
  • Maruf Dhali Dead Sea Scrolls, document dating and writer identification
  • Jean-Paul van Oosten (Markov modeling of active recognition)
    He has obtained, at the ICFHR 2012, the IAPR Best Paper Award: Jean-Paul Van Oosten, Lambert Schomaker (2010). Separability versus Prototypicality in Handwritten Word Retrieval, Proc. Int. Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition, September 18-20 2012, Bari, Italy, IEEE Computer Society, pp. 8-13, DOI 10.1109/ICFHR.2012.269
  • Bowornrat Sriman (camera-based text detection and recognition for Asian scripts)
  • Amir Shantia Robotics perception and navigation (together with Marco Wiering)


  • Sheng He (writing style-based dating of handwritten manuscripts, dissertation 2017, 'cum laude' - with honors)
  • Marius Bulacu (writer identification, dissertation 2007)
  • Tijn van der Zant (handwritten historical document retrieval, dissertation 2010)
  • Axel Brink (robust writer identification and verification, dissertation 2011)
  • Gert Kootstra (biologically inspired robot vision and navigation, dissertation 2010)
  • Hado van Hasselt (reinforcement learning systems, with Marco Wiering, dissertation 2011)

Current M.Sc. students

Visiting researcher

Setare Rezaee is a PhD guest, working on Persian (Farsi) handwriting recognition using deep learning (2018/2019).

dr. Gideon Maillette de Buy Wenniger is our current guest postdoc (2018).

Masahiro Niitsuma has visited our lab for his research project on musical score identification.

dr. Nobuo Ezaki has visited our lab. He obtained a Japanese grant for research in developing an experimental camera-based text reading system in order to be able to realize a text-to-speech conversion for blind people who are navigating a typical city or office environment with text tags.

Tusar Mishra Kanti has visited our lab, working in Odia and Bangla character recognition. These scripts have highly variable 'pig-tailed' initial and ending strokes that make the notion of a stable rectangular character bounding box questionable. This necessitates the use of special shape features or character-recognition strategies.

Bachelor and Master program in artificial intelligence

I heartily welcome International Students to take a look at our programmes.

Here is brochure on the institute ALICE of which I am the scientific director. My corporate web site is here