Current options for AI master projects

under supervision of prof. Lambert Schomaker

  1. Neuromorphic computing (together with prof. Banerjee, physics)
  2. Deep learning for microscopic cell analysis in biology (with prof. van der Kleij, biology)
  3. Deep learning for classification of truck-load X-ray images (with the Dutch customs)
  4. Time series analysis for industrial maintenance processes (follow-up of the Mantis project)

    Together with my colleagues

  5. Dead Sea Scrolls (with Maruf Dhali)
  6. Arabic text recognition (with Mahya Ameryan)
  7. Machine translation and LSTM-based handwriting recognition (with Gideon Maillette)
  8. Robotics (grasping, vision) with Hamidreza Kasaei
  9. Misc. projects on deep learning and reinforcement learning with Marco Wiering.

  10. Project on deep learning for fast conveyor-belt picking (Bollegraaf)

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