Current options for AI master projects

under supervision of prof. Lambert Schomaker

  1. Neuromorphic computing (together with prof. Tamalika Banerjee, Materials Science)

  2. Deep learning for microscopic cell analysis in biology (with prof. Ida van der Kleij, Biology)

  3. Deep learning for classification of truck-load X-ray images (with the Dutch customs)

    How to detect weapons and contraband in such images? (the real ones have a much higher resolution, and there are +50k images).
    How to bootstrap such a detector if labeling is extremely sparse? An excursion to their facility is possible.
    The contract entails signing a confidentiality agreement.

  4. From spectral images of car paint appearance to chemical recipes using deep learning (At a company).

  5. Time series analysis for industrial maintenance processes (follow-up of the Mantis predictive maintenance project). Context: Together with PhD student Emmanuel Okafor.
      See the Mantis book  

  6. Dead Sea Scrolls (with Maruf Dhali)

  7. Arabic text recognition using CNN/LSTM / semi-supervised deep learning (with Mahya Ameryan)

  8. Physics modeling of controls in industrial panels for RL robot simulations of machine tending (with Sha Luo)

  9. Machine translation and LSTM-based handwriting recognition (with Gideon Maillette)

  10. Robotics grasping, vision (with Hamidreza Kasaei)

  11. Project on deep learning for fast conveyor-belt picking at Bollegraaf company.

  12. Lifelong machine learning / continuous machine learning in historical documents

  13. Modeling selective attention with spiking neural networks (with Sander Bohte)

Previous Projects

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