In late 1999 I founded a student group working on the RoboCup mid-size league with a PioneerII robot. Quite soon we joined forces with the Dutch team called 'A Clockwork Orange'. Since then until 2005 I have been active in 'A Clockwork Orange', the Philips Cyber Football Team, AIS/BIT from Fraunhofer and the Dutch Aibo Team. In 2006, together with some researchers, we have participated in the soccer simulation league. In the mean time I also proposed a new league, called RoboCup X, where the aim is to go for real world practical applications. I presented this with my co-author, Thomas Wisspeintner, at the RoboCup in Osaka. It is now a new league inside the RoboCup competitions called RoboCup@Home
Also I am assisting the Little Green Bats in their efforts.