Tijn van der Zant

I am a researcher working on massive parallel machine learning on supercomputers and on developing adaptive robot brains. Besides this I am also the co-founder and executive of RoboCup@Home (RoboCup 'at' Home) and the director of the Cognitive Robotics Laboratory.
At the moment there are approximately 15 students working on the RoboCup@Home team. The name of the team is BORG. A Borg is a small castle, often on a little hill, on the countryside of the province of Groningen.

RoboCup@Home is the largest research project in the domains of Domestic Service Robots and Human-Robot Interaction. If you would like to know more, have a look at the special that the Gadget Show made on RoboCup@Home.

Besides this I have of course published a fair share of articles, and big brother has created a nice list for me.
I have supervised 14 master students in the past five years and about 70 percent got a Ph.D. position within three months.
Also I am starting up a robot company called Assistobot, more news will follow.