Practical Matters

For information about travel and accommodation, see the main AiML site.


If you register for the collocated conference "Advances in Modal Logic" (AiML), then RAOM is included for free and you can attend the whole conference week 4-8 August, including coffee, tea, and lunch breaks.
Costs for the full week: 175,- for students, 275,- for all others.

You can also register for only "Reasoning about other minds (RAOM)". Then you can attend on Monday 4 August the whole day (RAOM proper) and on Tuesday morning August 5, until and including lunch.
Costs: 75,- for students; 90,- for all others

The AiML program for the Tuesday morning, August 5, has been arranged in such a way that it is relevant for RAOM participants: It starts with an invited talk by Joe Halpern about Awareness and Unawareness Revisited; and after the coffee break, there will be 4 contributed talks about modal logics for intelligent interaction, namely by Uckelman; Wang & Fan; van Eijck & Schwarzentruber; and Ciardelli (see the AiML list of accepted papers on

Registration is possible at the following page:

Getting to the workshop venue

The workshop will take place in the Academy building of the University of Groningen (Broerstraat 5, Groningen). The map above shows the locations of the Groningen central station as well as the Academy building, which are a 10-15 minute walk apart.
Note: Due to construction on the railroads, there will be no train connection from Zwolle to Assen on August 2 and August 3. Busses will be available instead. Traveling to Groningen by train is expected to take 15-30 minutes longer than under normal circumstances.

  • Coffee, tea, and lunch breaks will be served in H.J.D. Bruinszaal of the Academy Building.
  • Lectures will be held in the Senate room (Senaatskamer) of the Academy building.