Accepted Papers with full presentation

  • Krzysztof Apt and Floor Sietsma. Common knowledge in email exchanges
  • Cédric Dégremont, Lena Kurzen and Jakub Szymanik. On the tractability of comparing informational structures
  • Sujata Ghosh and Ben Meijering. On combining cognitive and formal modeling: a case study involving strategic reasoning
  • Bart Hollebrandse, Angeliek Van Hout and Petra Hendriks. First and second-order false-belief reasoning: When language supports reasoning about the beliefs of others
  • Maartje Raijmakers, Sara van Es and Marian Counihan. Children’s strategy use in playing strategic games
  • Rohit Parikh, Cagil Tasdemir and Andreas Witzel. The power of knowledge in games
  • Harmen De Weerd and Bart Verheij. The advantage of higher-order theory of mind in the game of limited bidding


  • Tarek R. Besold, Helmar Gust, Ulf Krumnack, Ahmed Abdel-Fattah, Martin Schmidt and Kai-Uwe Kühnberger. An argument for an analogical perspective on rationality and decision-making
  • Leon de Bruin and Albert Newen. The developmental paradox of false belief understanding: An analysis of the role of offline processing
  • Hans van Ditmarsch. The Ditmarsch Tale of Wonders — Dynamics of lying
  • Eric Pacuit and Olivier Roy. A dynamic analysis of interactive rationality