Argue! - an implemented system for computer-mediated defeasible argumentation

Bart Verheij


This paper introduces the Argue!-system. It is an example of a system for computer-mediated defeasible argumentation, a new trend in the field of defeasible argumentation. In this research, computer systems are developed that can be used to mediate the process of argumentation of one or more users. Argument-mediation systems should be contrasted with systems for automated reasoning: the latter perform reasoning tasks for users, while the former play the more passive role of a mediator. E.g., mediation systems keep track of the arguments raised and of the justification status of statements.

The argumentation theory underlying the system is based on CumulA, a procedural model of argumentation with arguments and counterarguments. The central user actions of the Argue!-system are inference, justification and attack. Conclusions are inferred from premises, issues are justified by adducing reasons, and arguments are attacked by counterarguments. In the paper, the Argue!-system is presented from a 'bird's eye' view by focusing on the central ideas. As an illustration, it is shown how the Argue!-system can be used to study the behavior of attack loops.

The paper ends with a comparison of the Argue!-system with existing systems, and a discussion of the relevance of computer-mediated defeasible argumentation.

Verheij, Bart (1998). Argue! - an implemented system for computer-mediated defeasible argumentation. NAIC ’98. Proceedings of the Tenth Netherlands/Belgium Conference on Artificial Intelligence (eds. H. La Poutré & H.J. van den Herik), pp. 57-66. CWI, Amsterdam.

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