Reason Based Logic;
a logic that deals with rules and reasons

J.C. Hage, H.B. Verheij, A.R. Lodder


This paper proposes a logic that is specially designed to deal with rules and the reasons based on them. Although the logic is inspired by characteristics of legal reasoning, it aspires to be suitable for dealing with other kinds of rule guided reasoning as well.

It is characteristic for this logic that rules are treated as individuals rather than as conditionals, and that application of a rule only leads to a reason for the rule's conclusion. Reasons may have to be weighed against other reasons. The paper describes respectively the motivation behind the logic, a formalization of the logic, some examples of its application, and a dialogical extension.

Hage, J. C., Verheij, H. B., and Lodder, A. R. (1993). Reason based logic; a logic that deals with rules and reasons. Working Papers NAIC '93 (eds. J. M. Akkermans and J. A. Breuker), pp. 293-304. Also published as report SKBS/B3.A/93-19.

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