Hierarchical a Fortiori Reasoning with Dimensions

Wijnand van Woerkom, Davide Grossi, Henry Prakken, Bart Verheij

In recent years, a model of a fortiori argumentation, developed to describe legal reasoning based on precedent, has been successfully applied in the field of artificial intelligence to improve interpretability of data-driven decision systems. In order to make this model more broadly applicable for this purpose, work has been done to expand the knowledge representation on the basis of which it functions, as the original model accommodates only binary propositional information. In particular, two separate expansions of the original model emerged; one which accounts for non-binary input information, and a second which accommodates hierarchically structured reasoning. In the present work we unify these expansions to a single model, incorporating both dimensional and hierarchical information.

Manuscript (in PDF-format)
Paper at publisher (open access)

van Woerkom, W., Grossi, D., Prakken, H., & Verheij, B. (2023). Hierarchical a Fortiori Reasoning with Dimensions. Legal Knowledge and Information Systems. JURIX 2023: The Thirty-sixth Annual Conference (eds. Sileno, G., Spanakis, J., & van Dijck, G.), 43-52. Amsterdam: IOS Press. https://doi.org/10.3233/FAIA230944

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