Preface Proceedings ICAIL 2013

Bart Verheij, Enrico Francesconi, Anne Gardner

It is not a coincidence that the research fields of Artificial Intelligence and of Law have met, and merged into the interdisciplinary research field of Artificial Intelligence and Law. Both fields use formal methods, with their strengths and limitations; in AI there are software, logic and statistics, in Law there are statutes, procedures and institutions. Both fields are creative; in AI systems are built, experiments designed and paradigms replaced, in Law regulations are passed by lawmakers, precedents are set and ideologies balanced. Both fields struggle with the inevitable complexity of modeling human behavior; in AI with the goal to reconstruct human behavior, in Law with the goal to steer human behavior. These and other similarities are driving the active and dedicated community of AI and Law. Researchers are taking their inspiration from the Law with its insights developed over millennia combining them with AI's half a century of lessons.

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Verheij, B., Francesconi, F., & Gardner, A. (2013). Preface. The 14th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL 2013). Proceedings of the Conference, vi-vii. New York (New York): ACM.

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