Discovering the Rationale of Decisions. Extended abstract.

Cor Steging, Silja Renooij, Bart Verheij

In order to create human-centered intelligence, the AI systems that assist humans should behave responsibly and make the right decisions based upon a sound rationale.


Our experiments affirm that systems can make the right decisions for the wrong reasons and that our proposed hybrid, knowledge-driven, model-agnostic method can be used to detect and improve an unsound rationale.

Details of the experiments can be found in our ICAIL 2021 and XAILA 2021 contributions, on which this research abstract is based.

Manuscript (in PDF-format)
Paper at publisher (open access)

Steging, C., Renooij, S., & Verheij, B. (2022). Discovering the Rationale of Decisions. Extended abstract. HHAI2022: Augmenting Human Intellect. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Hybrid Human-Articial Intelligence. (eds. Schlobach, S., PĂ©rez-Ortiz, M., & Tielman, M.), 255-257. Amsterdam: IOS Press.

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