On Coherent Arguments And Their Inferential Roles

Bart Verheij

In this paper, we address coherent arguments and their inferential roles, in particular, the explanatory, predictive, and decisive roles. We take a perspective on the coherence of arguments grounded in cases. Our cases are a kind of coherent clusters of information, as they are encountered in the cognitive sciences (scripts, frames, cases, scenarios). We explain how cases can provide a semantics for three kinds of argument validity: coherence, presumptive validity and conclusiveness, and show how these can be used to distinguish three versions of the inferential roles explanation, prediction and decision. The findings are connected to the triplet of inference types deduction, induction and abduction.

Commentary by M. Beirlaen

Manuscript (in PDF-format)
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Verheij, B. (2018). On Coherent Arguments And Their Inferential Roles (with commentary by M. Beirlaen). Argumentation and Inference: Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Argumentation, Fribourg 2017 (Volume I) (eds. Oswald, S., & Maillat, D.), 385-404. London: College Publications. http://ecargument.org/?page_id=764

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