Case-Based Reasoning with Precedent Models: Preliminary Report

Heng Zheng, Davide Grossi, Bart Verheij

Formalizing case-based reasoning is an important topic in AI and Law, which has been discussed using various approaches, such as formal dialogue games, abstract dialectical frameworks. In this paper we model case-based reasoning by using the formal argument semantics of case models. With the precedent models we present, the validity of legal arguments in the case-based reasoning process can be shown formally. We also present a case study of precedent models in a real legal domain and evaluate the validity of arguments in case-based reasoning.

Manuscript (in PDF-format)

Zheng, H., Grossi, D., & Verheij, B. (2020). Case-Based Reasoning with Precedent Models: Preliminary Report. Computational Models of Argument. Proceedings of COMMA 2020 (eds. Prakken, H., Bistarelli, S., Santini, F., & Taticchi, C.), 443-450. Amsterdam: IOS Press.

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