Book Review. Douglas Walton: Argument Evaluation and Evidence

Marcello Di Bello and Bart Verheij

Walton’s Argument Evaluation and Evidence (2016) is an ambitious book. It explores the nature of explanation, expert opinion, knowledge and evidence. Walton makes the case that contemporary methods developed in argumentation theory can help us shed light on these difficult topics. This review summarizes the main themes of the book (Section 2) and offers some comments, mostly on the relationship between argumentation theory and contemporary analytic epistemology (Section 3).


All in all, this book offers a wealth of insights, ideas and interesting examples on explanation, knowledge and evidence. It is written by one of the foremost experts in the field, and those interested in argumentation theory and its epistemological underpinnings will profit by reading it.

Manuscript (in PDF-format)
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Di Bello, M., & Verheij, B. (2018). Book Review. Douglas Walton: Argument Evaluation and Evidence. Argumentation 32 (2), 301-307.

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