Benelearn 2002 Author Instructions

Here you can find the instructions for the final versions of papers for the Benelearn 2002.

  1. The Benelearn 2002 papers preferably consist of a self-contained LaTeX file that can be converted to a paper of 8 pages or less.
  2. Your paper should use the standard ACL style file colacl.sty and the bibliography file acl.bst (see below).
  3. The paper should use font size 11 points but the reference list should be typeset in small font (\small or 9 points).
  4. There should be no page numbers in the paper.
  5. If you cannot use LaTeX then submit a plain text file and we will attempt to convert it to LaTeX for you. In that case, please include a formatted version of your paper (postcript, pdf or Word) so we can get an idea of what kind of layout you prefer.

The deadline for submitting the final version of your paper is November 15, 2002. Send it to Marco Wiering:


Last update: May 16, 2002.