Erudition resource page

The role of erudition within the University of Groningen

Last updated April 10th, 2013

This page augments the opinion about erudition in the UK (April 9th, 2013)

Erudition and Intellectual development

Erudition is the result of intelectual development. Here is a longer text on intelectual development based on modern research in education research and cognitive science.

Some ideas:

  • If erudition is all about a well-developed sense of reality: why not organize public "Thinktank" sessions, where (candidate) erudite individuals, with the public, analyse the state of the world (or aspects of it) and generate predictions. Of course these predictions need to be checked rigorously in later sessions of the Thinktank. Might be a very nice interactive format for Studium Generale or similar.
  • Why not reinstall the old format of an academic exam in which the candidate has the opportunity to show his or her general level of understanding of a field of science and its role in society. Similar to a PhD-defence, but more open, and at bachelor and master level.
  • Bring together an interdisciplinary team of researchers and educators, erudite and not associated with the normal chain of command, to help to improve startegy papers for the University of Groningen.

More ideas and comments can be send to, where I try to come up with a format/community to advance the role of erudition at the RUG