We are pleased to announce the availability of the handwritten KANJI image database, IPTP CD-ROM2, gathered from 'live' Japanese postcards.

We would like to provide you with this database free of charge only for the research purposes. If you want to use this database,

Toshio Tsutsumida
Senior Research Officer
Inst. for Posts and Telecom. Policy, MPT, Japan


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                         Institute for Posts and Telecommunications Policy,
                         1-6-19 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106, Japan
                         Tel: +81-3-3224-7322; Fax: +31-3-3224-7363


IPTP is pleased to announce the availability of this CD-ROM database containing high-resolution, 400-dpi, 8-bit, handwritten KANJI character images. This database has been prepared to encourage research in off-line Kanji recognition by providing access to handwriting samples digitized from live Japanese postcards.


  1. All data supplied by IPTP under this agreement can only be used by the named applicants and only for research purposes. No data can be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever.
  2. All usage of the data should be appropriately acknowledged, and all publications should use the term "IPTP CD-ROM2" when referring to this database.
  3. No data nor any derived product may be passed to any third party without the express permission of IPTP.
  4. IPTP at all times retains the copyright of all data distributed under this agreement.
  5. The user accepts full responsibility for the use of the database and the issuer assumes no such responsibility.
  6. All applicants wishing to use this database must submit a signed statement agreeing to these Conditions for Use.


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Note: We would like receive the completed form by POSTAL MAIL with your signature, at which time you will be sent the "IPTP CD-ROM2" for use free of charge. FORM END ----------------------------------------------------- Toshio TSUTSUMIDA E-mail: tsutsumi@iptp.go.jp Technology Development Research Center Institute for Posts and Telecommenications Policy Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications 1-6-19, Minatoku, Tokyo 106, JAPAN Tel: +81 3 3224 7370, Fax: +81 3 3224 7356 -----------------------------------------------------