FAMAS - Formal Approaches to Multi-Agent Systems

Workshop at 12 april 2003
in conjunction with ETAPS 2003,
April 5-13, 2003, Warsaw, Poland


In recent years, multi-agent systems have come to form one of the key technologies for software development. This workshop aims at bringing together researchers from the fields of logic, theoretical computer science and multi-agent systems in order to discuss formal techniques for specifying and verifying multi-agent systems. Suggested, but not exclusive, topics of interest for the workshop are:
  • (modal) logics for multi-agent systems,
  • formal methods for verification of multi-agent systems, e.g. model checking,
  • formal approaches to cooperation and multi-agent planning,
  • formal approaches to communication, coordination and negotiation,
  • formal analysis of games,
  • reasoning with uncertainty in a distributed environment.

Famas is sponsored by the SLIE-project.