The Euro problem

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Apparently, some confusion has arisen because the prices of the Maastricht acrobatics festival were listed in Euros only.

Two kinds of confusion seem to occur:

- How much is it in my own currency?

The exchange rates of the Euro to many other major European currencies have been fixed for some time now. For instance, 1 Euro is exactly 2,20371 Dutch guilders (approximately 2 guilders and 20 cents) and 1,95583 German marks (approximately 1,96 Mark). The amount payable in Euros must be multiplied by 2,20371 in order to get the amount payable in guilders, or by 1,95583 in order to get the amount payable in marks. Example: The whole festival is 62 Euros for adults (registering in time). This amounts to 62 x 2,20371 = 136,63002 = rounded 136,63 guilders, and to 62 x 1,95583 = 121,26146 = rounded 121,26 marks. Here is a list with the festival's prices in Euros, guilders and marks.

Conversion table

. Adults Children 6-16 year Children up to 6 years
1 day 30,= Euros
66,11 guilders
58,67 Marks
15,= Euros
33,06 guilders
29,34 Marks
2 days 46,= Euros
101,37 guilders
89,97 Marks
23,= Euros
50,69 guilders
44,98 Marks
Whole festival 62,= Euros
136,63 guilders
121,26 Marks
31,= Euros
68,32 guilders
60,63 Marks

- How do I pay those new Euros by bank? (For German participants only; participants from other countries pay in cash at the festival.)

It depends on your bank. Sometimes you can pay Euros directly. If you do not know your bank's ways, you can always use the following method:
1. Compute the amount payable in Euros.
2. Compute how much that is in marks (see above).
3. Transfer the amount in marks in the standard way.

We hope that the information above takes the confusion away.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and look forward to meeting you all in Maastricht!

De organisers of Acro 2000

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