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Contact information
CoVer Symposium committee 2006

Postal address:
CoVer Symposium commissie 2006
Grote Kruisstraat 2/1
9712 TS Groningen

The organisation
The daily organisation is carried out by the following persons:

  • Jolie Lanser - Chairman
  • Joris IJsselmuiden - Secretary
  • Chris Janssen - Treasurer
  • Bastiaan Fens - Promotion & Acquisition coördinator
  • Marlies de Koning - Programme coördinator

from left to right: Joris, Jolie, Chris, Marlies and Bastiaan

The daily organisation of AmIGro is carried out by the symposium committee of CoVer. CoVer is the student union of Artificial Intelligence at the university of Groningen. Since it's foundation in 1993 CoVer has organised may activities for all of the nearly 300 members. Besides social activities like social gatherings, CoVer also organises a lot of activities linked to education.

Reviews of activities and research are published in the unionmagazine "Brainstorm". Speakers are invited to give lectures in Groningen and the union visits companies and universities for lectures and demonstrations on location. Yearly a big journey abroad is organised. Some cities where we have been are: Stockholm, Brussels, Edinburgh, Trondheim, Rome, Boston and New York.

Organising these kinds of activities CoVer offers her members the possibility to see more of artificial intelligence form the point of view of science and commercial applications. Besides that, it helps the students choose between specialisations within their education or after graduation. CoVer stays actively in touch with study related companies in order to find internships for graduating students.

Organising a large symposium fits this picture perfectly.
More information about the student union CoVer can be found on their webpage (only in Dutch):
More information about artificial intelligence can be found here (only in Dutch):

ICT-platform Noord
CoVer is being supported by the ICT platform Noord in organising this event. The ICT platform Noord has as mission to improve the ICT sector in the northern part of the Netherlands. In order to realise this the ICT platform Noord focuses on 3 fields:
  • Networking (six gatherings a year, summer and christmas drinks etc.)
  • Innovation (educational trips, ISB, Media Plaza) /li>
  • Image improvement of the ICT in the nortern parts of the Netherlands (Roparun, Weblog of the chairman, media attention etc).
Besides the function of networking, the ICT Platform strongly calls for attention for the European funds of which the Information Society Technologies is the most appealing one for the ICT sector. Billions of euros are available for innovations using ICT. The ICT Platform makes companies aware of this fact and advises them.

The ICT Platform has existed for six years. The beginning of the platform was in 1999, a direct response to the narrowness of the job offers in the field of ICT. As an initiative of the government, ICT companies and knowledge institutions tackled a couple of bottlenecks together.

The ICT platform has a lot of experience in organising big events, since they already organised the Information Society and Business event (ISB event) twice, which served as a plan for the yearly European IST. More information about the ICT platform Noord can be found on (only in Dutch): More information about past ISB events can be found on (only in Dutch) en


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