Alexandru Alexandru Baltag is University Lecturer at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory. His research interests include modal logic, dynamic logic, epistemic logic, temporal logic; models for multi-agent information flow and information merge (learning, belief revision, communication, persuasion, belief agreggation); quantum logic and quantum information flow; coalgebras, non-well-founded sets, Universal Set Theory, models for self-reference, circularity and fixed-points; rationality and action in Game Theory; Epistemology, Philosophy of Information and Philosophy of Science.

Richard Richard Booth is Senior Research Fellow at the University of Luxembourg. Since graduating with a PhD in Mathematical Logic from Manchester University, England, in 1999, Richard has spent time at MPI Saarbruecken, University of Leipzig (both Germany), Wollongong and Macqaurie Universities (both Australia) and Mahasarakham University (Thailand). His research interests lie in Belief revision/merging, argumentation theory, reasoning about preferences, and multi-agent systems.

Aditya Aditya Ghose is Director of the Decision Systems Lab, Co-Director of the Centre for Oncology Informatics, Co-Leader of the University of Wollongong Carbon-Centric Computing Initiative and Research Leader in the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Smart Services. His research is funded by the Australian Research Council, the Canadian Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, the Japanese Institute for Advanced Information Technology (AITEC) and various Australian government agencies as well as companies such as Bluescope Steel, CSC and Pillar Administration.


Gabriele Gabriele Kern-Isberner is Professor for Information Engineering at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Dortmund (now Technische Universität Dortmund). Her scientific work focuses on qualitative and quantitative approaches to knowledge representation, such as default and non-monotonic logics, uncertain reasoning, probabilistic reasoning, belief revision and argumentation, as well as multi-agent systems and knowledge discovery.

Sonja Sonja Smets holds a 'Rosalind Franklin Research Fellowship' at both the Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences at the University of Groningen. She's affiliated to the Research Group on Philosophy of Information at the University of Oxford. Her research programme ranges over Logic (in particular, non-classical logics, including non-monotonic logics, belief revision, modal logic, quantum logic); Multi-agent Systems; Formal Epistemology; Philosophy of Physics and Quantum Information.