Play the game of ActSet against a computer opponent. The computer opponent is based on a cognitive model developed using the ACT-R cognitive architecture. It is as if you play the game against a human opponent!

If you want to read about the background of the model, the experiment and the application, you can download the paper (pdf)

Set is written for Mac OS X using Xcode

download the latest version of ACTSet (Intel Macs, works on OS X 10.5 or newer). This version has several improvements over earlier versions: it will no longer deal 12 cards without there being any set, and the ACT-R model has become a little more challenging.

download the new version of ACTSet (doesn't work on OS X 10.6 or newer)

download the old version of ACTSet (ACTSet.sit.hqx 764 kB) (it is not adaptive, but has three different models to try)