Marieke van Vugt
mind, science, and dance

I am an assistant professor in the cognitive modeling group at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands). I obtained my PhD with Michael Kahana in the neuroscience program of the University of Pennsylvania, after having spent one year at Brandeis University. After that I did a postdoc with Jonathan Cohen at Princeton University.
I am interested in how you make decisions, how these are affected by distraction, and what the effect is of different mental training techniques on these decisions. I like to use mathematical models and techniques to better understand those very complicated data. A particular advantage of using computational models is that we can look at the mechanism through which a person is able to remember information and make decisions, rather than just comparing different task conditions.

In April 2016, we're organizing the Cognitive Modeling spring school in Groningen. Apply if you want to learn about modeling cognition with ACT-R, Nengo, PRIMS or drift diffusion models!


You can contact me at my e-mail
m DOT k DOT van DOT vugt AT rug DOT nl