Unfortunately, Charwat does not describe the experiments leading to this numbers!

(Intelligent) Agents are also the topic of section 5.2

Or, in most cases, an input device with additional output features.

These are especially relevant to sense vibrations.

An exception which will not be further investigated here is an output device for the blind. Small pins or needles are used to output text in the braille language.

Obviously, the name ``joystring'' has been derived from the two words ``joystick'' and ``string''.

In the meantime, Massie founded his own company which manufactures the PHANToM. Its price is US$ 19,500, which is cheap compared to other ones.

Note that this delay sensitivity is much more accurate in the case of a punctual event, such as a hammer hitting an anvil, where the range is from 75 ms before to 190 ms after.

This last case is adopted in the SoundCage IDMS, a joint project of SoundCage Ltd. and the DIST Computer Music Lab.

This is obviously not true for blind people, which are not considered further within this section.

Usually 5--10, but at least 15 are necessary for each parameter combination in order to compensate for statistical errors (see, e.g., [36].

Fitts' law states that the movement time (MT) of a target-oriented movement to an object with width W and distance D depends linearly on the index of difficulty (): , with a,b = constant, .

This is a very advanced task and it is not clear at the moment whether it may be realized, but the technical equipment (mobile robot PRIAMOS with vision system KASTOR) is available at the University of Karlsruhe, see also 6.2 .

Their definition of multimodality can be found in 1.1.4 , page 1.1.4 gif .

Compare this to the design space of Frohlich, page 4.1 gif .

Which is exactly what we are going to do in .

In this model the user is an agent as well as several ``intelligent'' processes running on the computer.

Rasmussen is also the coauthor of the article reviewed in the following paragraph.

Or even some time ahead as a kind of prediction mechanism.

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