Multimodal Integration for Advanced Multimedia Interfaces

ESPRIT III, Basic Research Project 8579



The first TCL/TK-demo, written by Jan Nijtmans (NICI). For running, TCL/TK is required (see below).

You can run 2d-demo directly from Mosaic if you installed TCL/TK as described below. Using the menu, you can create circles and rectangles (polyhedrons are not implemented yet) and move them around by dragging the mouse. Also the size can be adapted using the slider. The slider reflects at all moments the size of the selected element.


This demo displays lips that can be moved using sliders. The lip model is designed by ICP. The original demo is written by Bertrand Le Goff (ICP), and adapted (speeded up) by Jan Nijtmans (NICI).

You can run this lips-demo directly from Mosaic if you installed TCL/TK. (Be patient. Don't expect too much speed from this demo, dependent on your hardware)


With this demo you can generate objects moving on-screen along certain trajectories. There is a help function and buttons. The demo is written by Ronan Mac Laverty (TUT).

You can run this av-demo directly from Mosaic if you installed TCL/TK.

How to install TCL/TK

These demos work with Tcl7.3/Tk3.6 and higher. You can get TCL version 7.3 and TK version 3.6 from

The latest beta releases of Tcl/Tk4.0 (TCL7.4b3 and TK4.0b3) the demo's are tested for, can be downloaded from the same directory. Uncompress them (if not already done by Mosaic or Netscape) and untar them "tar xf " and read the README instructions.

How to run these demo's from Mosaic

In order to allow your system to use TCL/TK, you should have in your file 'mailcap' (/usr/local/lib/mosaic/mailcap or $home/.mailcap) these lines:
# This maps a TCL-script to your TCL/TK wish-shell
application/x-tcl;		/usr/local/bin/wish -f %s
(For tk4.0, the "-f" option may be removed, for tk3.6 it is necessary),

Sometimes, it's necessary to add the following line to your mime.types (/usr/local/lib/mosaic/mime.types or $home/.mime.types):

application/x-tcl		tcl
If this file doesn't excist, create it.

Other demo's

SAY speech synthesizer

Try entering some text here and press Speak:
You can get the speech synthesizer by yourself as rsynth-2.0.tar.gz in the directory

SYNTHESE speech synthesizer

This french version speech synthesizer is developed by ICP.

For french accents, the numbers 1..6 are used as follows:

Example : bienvenue sur le serveur de synthe2se de l'ICP

phonetic input


Also it is possible to run X-applications. An example is the puzzle

. Any remarks? Please let me know!

J. Nijtmans (Adapted: May 11, 1995)