AI Institute ALICE - University of Groningen

    Note: most staff-related pages on the web site of Groningen concerning Artificial Intelligence are incorrect. This is caused by a raw coupling of outdated department IDs (PeopleSoft) to the web site structure and content. Fortunately at least one page is now correct, finally. It can be found here and is maintained by the secretariat of the ALICE institute. In the meantime I keep this list as a backup.

    Abbreviations: MAS: Multi-agent Systems,   APS: Autonomous Perceptive Systems,   CM: Cognitive Modeling,   SC: Sensory Cognition

    Director of Research & Full Professor

  1. Lambert Schomaker (also APS group leader)

    Full Professors

  2. Niels Taatgen (CM group leader)
  3. Rineke Verbrugge (MAS group leader)

    Associate Professor

  4. Tjeerd Andringa (SC group leader)

    Assistant Professors

  5. Fokie Cnossen (CM)
  6. ... (MAS)
  7. Jennifer Spenader (CM)
  8. Bart Verheij (MAS)
  9. Marieke van Vugt (CM)
  10. Marco Wiering (APS)

    Post-doctoral researchers

  11. Ronald van Elburg (SC)
  12. Jelmer Borst (CM)
  13. Daniel van der Post (MAS)


  14. Arnold Meijster (APS)
  15. Tijn van der Zant (APS)

    PhD. Students

  16. Burcu Arslan (MAS)
  17. Ben Meijering (MAS)
  18. Enkhbold Nyamsuren (CM)
  19. Mahir Karaaba (APS)
  20. Olarik Surinta (APS)
  21. Bea Valkenier (SC)
  22. Harmen de Weerd (MAS)
  23. Bowornrat Sriman (APS)
  24. Amir Shanti (APS)
  25. Sheng He (APS)
  26. Jean-Paul van Oosten (APS)
  27. Elske van der Vaart (MAS)
  28. Charlotte Vlek (MAS)
  29. Marijke Beulen (CM)
  30. Ioanna Katidioti (CM)
  31. Menno Nijboer (CM)

    Scientific Support

  32. Aswin van Woudenberg (APS)
  33. Michiel Holtkamp (APS)

    Systems manager

  34. Harm Vos

    Administration & Support

  35. Elina Sietsema
  36. (vac. 0.2)

    Associated Researchers

  37. Hado van Hasselt (APS: UU/ALICE)
  38. Elske van der Vaart (MAS: CEES/ALICE)
  39. Barteld Kooi (MAS: Wijsbegeerte/ALICE)

    Visiting Researchers

  40. (not at the moment)

    Supporting staff at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

  41. Lourens Boomsma (HRM, FWN)
  42. Meeuwes Veldhuis (Finance, FWN)
  43. Eric Ruben (Finance, projects, FWN)