Master Projects

Current M.Sc. Projects (as 2nd supervisor*)

Matthijs Zwinderman A Human-Assisted Approach for a Mobile Robot to Learn 3D Object Models using Active Vision
Matthijs Platje Attentional Mechansims for Visual SLAM [link]

Past M.Sc. Projects

Sjoerd de Jong Visual SLAM Using Buttom-Up and Top-Down Control of Attention [link]
Arco Nederveen Predicting Human Eye Movements [link] 2007
Jelmer Ypma Active Object Recognition [link] 2007
Jelle Wiersma Human Movement Classification [link] 2007
Jan Willem Marck Pose estimation with Sonar [link] 2006

Past M.Sc. Projects (as 2nd corrector)

Stephan Harmsen Multi-Target Tracking in a Natural Environment [link]* 2007
Hendrikus Top Optical flow en bewegingillusies [link] 2007
Liesbeth van der Feen Co-evolution of song pattern and song preference on a cricket model [link]* 2006
Paul Plasman Non-verbal Social Human-Robot Interaction [link]* 2006
Jacob van der Blij Omnidirectional Active Vision in Evolutionary Car Driving [link]* 2005
Jelle Niemantsverdriet Using an environment map for navigation and correction of odometry errors in indoor robotics [link]** 2004
Alex Brussee Proactive trajectory formation that couples a biomimetic and a biomechanical model [link]** 2004
* 1st supervisor: Dr. Bart de Boer
** 1st supervisor: Prof. Dr. Lambert Schomaker