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I'm a twenty-eight-year-old Americo-Dutchman, working at the University of Amsterdam. For my PhD, I studied Artificial Intelligence and Self-Organization at the University of Groningen; currently I teach Academic Skills to first year Psychobiologists. My wife and I live in a glorious castle from the nineteen-twenties, smackdab in the center of multicultural the Hague; four rooms, two floors, stone stairs, and beautiful brickwork. We enjoy the company of eight zebrafinches, one decommissioned robot, and half a billion books. I've been around since September 27th, 1984, and I've had an absolutely glorious time since. I talk too much, punctuality is hardly my strong suit and I am oblivious to all fashion laws except the one about not wearing socks in one's sandals. For even more about me, check out this website, or e-mail me at the address under Contact.


Update! Now at the University of Reading, in the United Kingdom. I’m working on models of animals affected by pesticide use, trying to improve them by applying new statistical techniques.

New website to follow!