Query Line (first strip) =navis-H24001_7824_1342-line-010-y1=1507-y2=1718

d toe 9

Found= navis-H24001_7824_1318-line-022-y1=3681-y2=3893
Rank=0 Dist=4.528540 Hyps=emeente emees
Found= navis-H24001_7824_1333-line-007-y1=1464-y2=1766
Rank=1 Dist=10.505207 Hyps=ven 2 bo
Found= navis-H24001_7824_1299-line-001-y1=0-y2=810
Rank=2 Dist=12.070421 Hyps=4 1 9 D L L - & L ot er en o y N R FD e 9 Op dres 2 s en n er a en aan appt om 9 J
Found= navis-H24001_7824_1313-line-013-y1=2208-y2=2417
Rank=3 Dist=12.214195 Hyps=ezondhe
Found= navis-H24001_7824_1342-line-012-y1=1690-y2=2035
Rank=4 Dist=14.412457 Hyps=ms rus am aan
Found= navis-H24001_7824_1319-line-004-y1=999-y2=1388
Rank=5 Dist=18.592600 Hyps=BD 3 1 oem 30 ter bu emee
Found= navis-H24001_7824_1332-line-011-y1=2179-y2=2480
Rank=6 Dist=21.698135 Hyps=n n boven and appt boven
Found= navis-H24001_7824_1330-line-004-y1=1097-y2=1397
Rank=7 Dist=29.758461 Hyps=b es and om boven